Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

Q:  What territory do you cover?

A:  We cover Alameda County from Oakland to Fremont to Livermore and Contra Costa County from Orinda to Walnut Creek to San Ramon.

Q. Do you offer 24-hour emergency service?

A. Yes! We have technicians on-call 24/7 to meet emergency needs (Commercial accounts only)

Q. Do you use any environmental friendly methods?

A. Yes, Frank Bonetti Plumbing is an accredited GreenPlumber®. Our technicians have been trained in water-efficient products, hot water heating, water conservation, and water sustainability, as well as other emerging products and technologies. Visit the GreenPlumber® website for more information.

Q:  Do you offer grease trap cleaning?

A:  No, we currently do not have the equipment necessary for that specific service.

Backflow Prevention:

Q. What is a backflow prevention device?

A.  A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water from being contaminated downstream by irrigation products, chemicals, and other contaminates.  A backflow device will allow water to flow through one direction only and stops any backpressure or backsiphonage of contaminated water that could mix with the water department’s supply of fresh water.  Different degrees of potential hazards require different types of backflow devices, most commonly the Reduced Pressure Assembly and the Double Check Assembly.

Q. How often are backflow prevention devices tested?

A. The state of California and local water departments require testing to be conducted annually. 

Q. Why do backflow devices drip/leak?

A. Backflow device drips/leaks are most commonly caused by pressure fluctuations or backpressure/backsiphonage from your building.  These drips should vary in the amount of water released by the relief valve, but should only drip for a very short time.  If water is constantly dripping from the valve, please make an appointment with us to service your device.

Plumbing Construction:

Q. Do you design plumbing systems, as well as install them?

A. Yes, we have the ability to design and build the plumbing systems in commercial buildings. Visit our portfolio section to view our projects.

Preventative Maintenance Programs:

Q: How do I know what program I should be on and how often?

A:  We recommend programs based upon your specific needs, but generally we try to schedule as follows:

  • Restaurants:  Quarterly to Semi-Annual
  • Commercial Properties:  Storm drains and drain cleaning semi-annual to annual
  • Boiler Service:  Annually
  • Rain Water/Sewage Ejectors:  Semi-annual to annual

General Tips:

Q:  How do I turn off my Sloan Flushvalve?

A:  First determine if your angle stop cover is threaded on or pushed on.  Threaded caps will have a hexagon shape for a wrench to fit (A) and the push-on caps will be rounded (B).

Remove cap and turn brass screw clockwise with flat blade until screw stops (C).  Water to that Flushvalve is now turned off.   

Q:  My water heater is leaking, how can I stop the water?

A:  Turn off valve located usually above the water heater on the top right.  For a gate valve turn clockwise, or for a ball valve turn handle 90 degrees.  For gas heater, turn off gas valve located at the bottom of heater and for an electric heater turn off power switch or breaker at panel.

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